Our Qualifications

     1976 marks the beginning of serving the financial interest of families.  During this entire period to now, we continue to maintain a high regard for the significance in serving families and individuals in like manner of serving our very own.

     And yes, while we maintain a solid grasp of the financial and capital markets, our uncompromising commitment to 'do the right thing, right,' for and on behalf of families remains, and always will, at the pinnacle  of our firm. 

     Our clients include families, individuals, businesses, churches, and not for profit organizations. Each are unique in and of themselves mandating that we remain sensitive to their respective and unique needs and interest. Thus, we customize each deliverable according to the needs and interest of each client.

     We would consider it an honor, as well as, a privilege to be of service to you.

     And again, thank you for visiting with us.

                                           ~Serving Families Since 1976~

              ... planning and managing to preserve and grow financial legacies ...